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Growth and Culture

AFAK Technology was established in the year 2010 with the objective of being a world-class software vendor in the fields of Telecommunications, Enterprise, Insurance, Education, Information Technology, Digital Transformation, Healthcare, GS1 Standards, and Internet application areas.

We strongly believe that a company’s achievement is derived from the success of its Human Resources and the commitment to quality and excellence that each one holds strong to. We endeavour as a team to maintain quality, strive for customer respect, build up perseverance, and foster innovation while handling any task or challenge.


We have a wide range of IT services that lead your business to success, we are proud to introduce AFAK Technology. as an IT service provider that serves the local and global market with comprehensive and custom solutions for web, network, hardware, and media solutions through a skilled and expertise management and technical staff. We believe that success is the result of a full commitment to providing pioneer technologies and premium solutions. We measure this success by the value that has been added to realize the business process.

Solutions Development

AFAK Technology, is the trusted name in web design and development. To find out how AFAK Technology, Web Solutions can enhance your business, contact us today.


Because the cost to develop an email marketing campaign is minimal, and just like the real world, any contractor today is looking forward to the day when referrals become a major part of their new client development.

Virtual Tour 360°

VR is viewed through movie players, such as Apple's QuickTime software or Flash player, or Java, It’s an easier and quicker way to view your gallery, home, company, or factory on the Web site and included the eco formal or can be placed a special site for you to offer it to you in HTML format.

Graphic Design

we are able to assist you in finding the perfect balance between usability and originality for your website. Our Professional design contains the best and latest technologies to enables the user to reach his desired destination in the fastest time and with the least number of clicks and ensuring that the website works on all devices and on different screen sizes.

Why choose us?

If you are looking for professionalism to lead your business to success AFAK Technology. is the best choice for your business.

With the increasing competitiveness of world markets, companies need to strive, more than ever, to keep up to par with latest trends and technologies. As such, obtaining comprehensive software solutions is no longer a luxury, but rather an indispensable asset for every organisation.

The main objective of AFAK Technology. is to give the best solutions for our clients by achieving significant business breakthroughs, helping businesses to define their information technology requirements & objectives through a qualified team of creative, and talented software engineers & digital marketing.



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A group of diverse experiences in the field of technology.

Ahmad Bataineh

Chief Executive Officer - Amman

Ibrahim Assaf

Chief Executive Officer - Qatar

Ibrahim Abulibdeh

Graphic Designer / Art Director

Salah Jaradat


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Amman - Jordan - Bilal Ben Rabah St. Shmesani.